Specialized Workshops
Specialized workshops come in two forms. They may be 1-day modules of highly focused instruction pertaining to one or two specific issues, or they may be full workshops that we create from scratch. Each is tailored to account for the conventions and terminology of your profession.

A module lasts for one day and consists of one or two topics. For example, we can create a module in techniques for conciseness, or one that focuses on the clarity of the sentence, or one that emphasizes how to make writing persuasive. Formatting, page-design, organization of ideas, coherence, grammar, and punctuation can all be presented in distinct modules.

These short modules are especially useful to contract-driven organizations in the private sector. Such companies often can’t afford to have employees away from their work for two or three days at a time.

Unique training
Every now and then, an organization asks for help in improving a document that has a specialized purpose, is intended only for experts in the field, and has acquired literally dozens of distinct (and sometimes eccentric) conventions. In such cases, and in consultation with the client, we build a workshop from the ground up.

The Audit Report training we do at Fannie Mae is unique to Fannie Mae; training in writing Preliminary Budget Decisions, presented for DoD's Office of the Comptroller, is custom-made for that directorate; the Office Action workshops we present at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office would make sense nowhere else.

If you recognize that your organization is struggling with a highly specialized document, we can design training to make the writing more efficient. One of the great benefits of such work is that, along the way, the document is remodeled – ancient excesses disappear, organization conforms to how people actually read, and subtle changes in layout instantly reveal the important points of the argument.

An excerpt from a Technical Writing manual
Interested in exactly what we mean by unique training? An excerpt from the manual we developed for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is available for review. It’s the best way to show you how we customize instruction when addressing a one-of-a-kind document.

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